The Donald Helped Me Once Long Ago

… thought I would offer a lil distraction with a memory of how The Donald helped me once about 15 years ago. Yes, he was referred to as The Donald back then and one of his biggest fans in the whole wide world wanted me to build a fan site that would blow his mind. (Note: I mean no disrepect. He is President Trump to me today.)

Before I submitted a quote for the project, I went to the bookstore, found 3 of his books and spent a weekend binge reading. I wanted to learn as much as I could, favorite colors, attitudes, anything that would help accomplish the goal of him liking it.

The potential client and I had a history that included a couple years of trolling from him about how I never charge enough for my work. He liked to tell people how dumb I was for that. Once the site was done, he planned to present it to then Mr. Trump as a gift.

Binge reading the books was a treat. I learned a great deal and amassed quite a bit of respect for the man. It seemed that without fail, in all dealings, he considered the lil guys/gals, maids & janitors, the people who actually made a business work while the average owner was simply watching the profit margins.

I believe it was the book The Art of The Deal which helped me the most because when it came time to submit my quote, it was 4X bigger than anything I ever quoted before. This client would never troll me again as I charged $4K with a 50% down payment required before I would start.

Trump-ProjectThe website is long gone with only this photo left and a fun memory of cashing them checks 🙂

No matter how this election turns out, President Trump’s books from the past are worth a read. Who knows, he may have left a lesson in there for you to?

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