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A collection of local bloggers shall be found here in time. Bloggers must be residents of Duncan, OK and consider themselves guests. No fees at this t...
I saw this as a new frontier …
6 months ago no Comment

When the internet first became available to regular folk, (for me it was about 1991 I think), I saw it as a new frontier, akin to what this continent was long ago ‘cept we wouldn’t have to kill all the current occupants to take hold of this one. It was… Continue reading

~ adjusting the ballast of my lead balloon
10 months ago no Comment

This website burst into existence the spring of 2011 with the plan to fill it with everything positive I could find within Duncan. The laughter and rejection to come of this was rather surprising. A good many people really hate it here, some outright calling me a fool. The photo… Continue reading

A win-win business model
11 months ago 4 Comments

Once upon a time, there were companies out here which gave people the tools to set up their own Internet business. These were professional tools worth many $1,000s, out of reach for people like myself and the 100s of others who then built these companies into mega-corps. The one to… Continue reading

The Donald Helped Me Once Long Ago
11 months ago no Comment

… thought I would offer a lil distraction with a memory of how The Donald helped me once about 15 years ago. Yes, he was referred to as The Donald back then and one of his biggest fans in the whole wide world wanted me to build a fan site… Continue reading

Fetch My Coffee Margie
11 months ago no Comment

My first job working in an office offered a curious lesson the very first morning. My mentor was a 70 something man with permanent smile who seemed amused that I had made it into the office but he obeyed orders and did his best to show me the ropes. To… Continue reading

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