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I don't get it?This website burst into existence the spring of 2011 with the plan to fill it with everything positive I could find within Duncan. The laughter and rejection to come of this was rather surprising. A good many people really hate it here, some outright calling me a fool.

The photo gallery here of the car show was a surprise opportunity. A long-standing local here took me as a guest and introduced me to dozens of business people. I got to pitch my website, hand out business cards and shake hands with maybe 30 people who all assured me they would come take a look and who were never seen nor heard from again.

It was about a year later I learned that this friend making all the introductions for me was in reality a true pain in the rear to most of them. His introduction carried negative weight. oops

I have an abundance of tools and resources for building near anything out here and could now be providing hosting for the dozens of churches and non-profits who turned down free exposure for some reason. As of this date, all offers are null. It’s been a few years since I even bothered to offer anyhow.

Did the catipllar know?On November 6th, I deleted the entire site and began anew. I’ve invited a couple of local bloggers to contribute here and hope to attract more as things get going again. There isn’t a mandate that they have to write nice things about Duncan though I shall attempt to prevent just plain bitching to occur.

As for my rosey glasses? Several of the locals have slapped them right off my face quite rudely. Like the nice gentleman who fired me from a position I held in good standing more than 6 years, for the sin of helping someone he hated, on my own time, with my own money.

And the wonderful lady who sold me a legal plan, assuring me her lawyers would help while knowing full well they couldn’t. After spending the money I couldn’t afford, the lawyer was quite polite as he explained, this is a right to work state, My employer could fire me for being ugly if he wanted to, adding, “I know it sucks, but that’s the law.”

Another prominent man here got a 30-day notice from me as I explained that my health was failing, I could no longer do the work. He thanked me for being so professional as to offer 30 days notice. On day 15, I collapsed in the office and needed emergency surgery. His 2nd gave me ride to and from the surgery. Months later, he would swear in court that I never said a word about a medical problem. I was denied the help I deserved.

With folks like those 2 in positions of power, it’s easy to hate a town, hard to see goodness when folks you trust stab you and giggle about it. I will still blog about what I like here. 15 years is the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere and to the complainers I can assure you, all towns are the same, we have the option to try planting a garden in the shit served up.

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