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~ hosting your web site ~

I utilize Stormwire for your website hosting package. Stormwire provides many powerful tools that I have worked with for several years. Everything you need and so much more that you’ll get even more ideas of what is possible now.

Current Clients
Bolt Resources Corp.

Basic process for establishing your web site: 

  • Purchase Domain Name and Hosting Package from Strormwire in your name.
  • Copies of first administration e-mails come to me
  • Within 5 days your home page will be visible to the world using the Domain Name you purchased
  • You always have pass key to everything in background and all forms of help for you or your staff to manage as much as you wish to.

   A quick look at these Cpanel Tutors for the hosting account will show you the power you get for less than $10 per month (current price of basic package). Your web site is serving potential customers 24/7.

~ compare that to radio, tv, newspaper ~

For a modest monthly fee, they take care of all the technical stuff, keep the web server operating with redundant power backup systems and 24/7 tech staff. Proven to be some sharp people who are pleasant to work with.~ finest hosting I can point you to ~ Stormwire

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