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Search Engine Optimization is built into your website from day one. *My goal is that within one month, if someone is looking for your product/ service in your town, they will find your name on the top 5 listings.

The first question people ask me about getting a web site, nearly without fail is, “How much does it cost?”

In order to provide a proper price quote, we should talk for awhile first, so that I may learn what it is you hope to gain out here. No matter how large or small your web site has to be, I can provide a solution to fit your needs and budget.

I offer a $500 start up package that can help you test the waters. This includes a domain name paid up for one year, your website hosting paid for 3 months, and 3-5 web pages created from your marketing materials (offer expires July 31, 2015)

To stop after 3 months requires one e-mail and a confirmation phone call. To continue, just keep paying the monthly hosting fee.

For those who have the time and ambition, I also provide information that can help you Do-It-Yourself. You might even discover you have a talent for some of this stuff. Many of you I meet are a whole lot smarter than you think you are. (imo)

*This is set as a goal and not possible with every website project of course. If you have 200 competitors, the promotion game becomes more involved and can get expensive. This should not be a problem for the client base here in Duncan.

~ I seek to empower you as much as you care to be,
to manage your own on-line presence ~

It’s your domain.
~ full service available also of course ~

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