Reflections from serving you

This past couple weeks have brought back some fun memories for me. I’ve been working in the public again. In this case, seeing a new face in front of me about every 60 seconds for 4-5 hours straight while I scanned and bagged their groceries. It makes the average person laugh to learn how much I care when it comes to serving others, but what the hell, I like making people laugh too and I’m not the only one like this.

Everything I need to know in life, I learned from Bugs Bunny

The following was found during a chat room conversation with a writer who called themself Shoop – It made me laugh well yet it is all so real-life and I thought some of you might enjoy it too. 

Yosemite Sam is the one to look to when you have anger management issues.

Yosemiti Sam 1. When you want to swear but can’t, be like Sam and utter some nonsense instead!!! Sam favors things like “Sassafrassin’ rickin’ hossa frappin'”, but that is just to be used as a guide line. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Steal liberally from movies, song lyrics (scat works well), or babbling babies. Some of my favorite non-explatives include “Mother Puss Buckets !”, “Caca Poopie !”, “Son of a Motherless Goat!”, and the ever popular “POOK !”.

Sometimes they call me back

Mark Sanders of Nature King Pest Management in Dallas, TX

There’s a good feeling to be had when a client calls me after 6-7 years of accepting the keys to their website.

My business model doesn’t tie a person to me. Unless a client asks for ongoing service, I arrange things for a one time fee, build the site and hand them the keys. Monthly fees going forward this way are as low as $7 per month on my smallest server package.

You built something nice now let me help you tune it.

NOTE: There are links to resources below for the self-taught web designers I’ve been finding that will help them continue the great work they’ve begun.

There's more to design than just looks.There are people here in Duncan who have built some impressive website presentations that function well, look good and tell their story quite nicely. They have much to be proud of in my opinion but in most cases, many small details that are needed to be addressed in the background were not covered.

One approach I have used over the years for finding work is to look at local web sites and find one that is missing something or perhaps could be improved upon to draw more visitors from the search engines.