Sell Your Oil and Gas Property

oil, gas and mineral royaltyBolt Resources Corp.

formerly of Aurora, CO, has set up an office in Marlow. Please visit their site and give Ron a call when ready to explore options for selling your oil, gas or mineral property.

At Bolt, we believe selling an oil and gas revenue or mineral property shouldn’t be a headache. We’re here to help.
Sell your oil and gas propertyWe make the process easy to sell your oil and gas property quickly. Simple and hassle free. Just contact us (see “Contact Us” page), we’ll get some basic information on your property, make a fast, fair evaluation, and if we can, extend you an offer (if we cannot give you an offer at this time, we will let you know promptly). It’s just that simple – fast, efficient, and fair. Should you decide to accept a Bolt offer, we’ll prepare all the paperwork using standard oil and gas industry documents, forward the paperwork to you for unpressured review and approval, and close in a timely manner with you receiving your check.

Bolt will pay for all closing and recording costs.
Bolt Resources Corp.

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