Duncan, OK – It’s Home

Springtime in Duncan, OK

~ love how these trees light up

Spring has slipped in early this year and seeing all these trees come to life while out on my rides ...
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A Ray of Sunshine

The difference between Heaven and Hell

I ride my bike 1-2 hours just about every day. What I experience out there on these rides displays both ...
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new guy in office

Fetch my coffee Margie

My first job working in an office offered a curious lesson the very first morning. My mentor was a 70 ...
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Duncan, OK is home now

What do I like about Duncan?

In the beginning, this website was built with numerous features for people to express what they like about Duncan. The ...
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Jim's mug

Reflections from serving you

This past couple weeks have brought back some fun memories for me. I've been working in the public again. In ...
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It's Time NOW!      ~ one piece of a puzzle

Duncan, OK ~ moving forward

~ another gem from ddees.com

If your selling energy drinks or hawking pay-day loans, you could do well here in Duncan, OK with a fairly large supply of people willing to swap their future for a little help getting through the week.

If you happen to have a company that could keep a few of these people busy, the leaders would love to hear from you, perhaps grease the skids for a move with tax breaks and incentives like only people of high caliber can promise to one of their buds that doesn’t need it. The good citizens here pay an extra tax just to make sure the fund doesn’t run dry.

If you’re stuck in one of them big cities where it cost $1,500 per month for 300 sq ft of apartment, consider this. There are houses here in livable condition for less than $10K.


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