What do I like about Duncan?

In the beginning, this website was built with numerous features for people to express what they like about Duncan. The laughter and obtuse comments to come of that plan surprised me a bit with some suggesting that perhaps I should start a section on what you don’t like.

I had to finally admit that I am biased on this subject. My rosy glasses are rather thick and I came here at first from a rather stressful situation. This was my weekend get-away to find some peace.

Taking off the rosy glasses and being ‘real’ does yield a few things others can not say are just biased opinion though.

When I began coming here on weekends, a friend showed me a place on Hwy. 81 called Dave’s Cave. They have a drive through window and a large cherry limeade made just perfect that I would stop and pick up on my way back to the city after my weekend of peace.

About the 2nd or 3rd time I stopped there, a gentleman, who I am embarrassed to say the name of has just left my memory, reached out the window offering a handshake with the words, “It looks like you’re going to hang around awhile?” We talked for a few minutes as he welcomed me to town.

I drove away thinking of how rare this was and how different is was from living in Dallas. Just saying hello to someone on the street down there could spark fear or confusion. I told this story to someone a few years ago and their reply was, “I can’t imagine ever going to such a place.” My mind did not understand this then and still doesn’t now.

When I did move into town, it was next to a person who had some trouble in their life. Every now and then their meds would be off (not intended as a joke) and they would become quite hostile. To a stranger without any patience, they became a reason to call the police, which is what happened one afternoon as I sat on my front porch. Someone called the police on her.

I witnessed 4 large Duncan police officers respond to the call and patiently accept the kind of verbal abuse and borderline physical assault that would have her tazed and hog-tied in most big cities. They treated her like a man may treat his own grandmother.

During one of my day jobs, I had to listen to a police scanner and on a daily basis heard their patience and professionalism. There are other places on the internet where you can read stories and watch video all day of law enforcement officers that strike fear and mis-trust into people. I restrain myself from writing too much in those forums about what I have witnessed here. I have this hidden fear that some politician somewhere will get the idea that they missed our town and need to come get these guys in line. /sarc

The churches and community groups are so generous that I don’t think anyone in this town has to go to bed hungry. A bad case of the flu 2 years ago cost me 10 days of lost wages. By the end of that month I was left with peanut butter and crackers for meals. One phone call with a request for help brought Christians Concerned to my door the next day with what was to me, a month’s worth of food. Delivered with a smile and a wish of good luck.

There is a free clinic here in town to serve the needy. It’s all volunteer. There’s no shaming a person or speeches on how to run your life, just needed help offered by people who care for others.

I could go on but I think the point is made. I found friendliness here, compassion and undeniable concern for others from people who don’t have to care. They want to.

There be more than a few blue noses too. I’ve met them but these days they are more comical to me than annoying. I think they cheat themselves by acting elite and above others. In most cases, they only get to sit on their high horse because of the heart, determination and hard work of the people they look down upon.

~ peace

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Great story of what much of America used to be. Only good things can come to your living there, JL

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