~ love how these trees light up

Springtime in Duncan, OK
They all lit up a few weeks early this year.

Spring has slipped in early this year and seeing all these trees come to life while out on my rides is good medicine. Got a shot of energy enough to be up tinkering yet at 1 am while a fresh pot of coffee is brewing.

My online garage sale is bringing in hits from the search engines now so I cleaned it up some more, added new products and a feature for anyone to come post their garage sale event. This is a new script and I am the 2nd person to try it if I understand things right. Hope to shake it down good and give the author a worthy review.

I’m into near the 6th month of using the free Linux Operating System, replacing Windows on all computers except my laptop where I shall cling to XP till they just won’t let me anymore. Linux Mint took a security hit a couple weeks ago but the way they responded was impressive. If someone was trying to make them look bad they failed. Linux Mint got to show its stuff while in the spotlight and met the challenge.

I’ve been helping a neighbor clean out an abandoned home. It is mind-blowing to look upon a solid layer, wall-to-wall, 4′ deep of assorted stuff. He’s sorted out and stacked at least 600#s of clothes by now, many clean/pressed on hangers, with plans to gift to a local charity and will have one helluva garage sale soon to hopefully get paid for all this work. I’ll let you know when he’s ready.

Small milestone reached just after the first as my online garage sale shopping cart demo made its first sale. This customer was from Indiana but wanted them cards bad enough to pay shipping. Thank you Amber 🙂

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