Free advertising you have now

Free advertising you have now

Most any business owner can type the name of their business into just about any search engine and find their company on page 1, listed via companies they may never have heard of nor communicated with.

At first glance this seems like a good thing until you try clicking on a few of the links and realize there is nothing more there than one would find in one of them paperback phone books they throw on your front porch every spring.

Someone who is more interested in the product/service than they are in skimming through a dozen bare listings looking for more info about you, may just find a competitor who took the time to claim their listing.

If you have the time an inclination, you can take advantage of all this free exposure and in essence, have a 1/2 dozen web presentations running out here with the folks who own the directories paying the bill, keeping you at the top of the search engine.

Key tools for free advertisingThe following example is real-world from setting up a website for Pizza-N-Stuff in Duncan.

I had typed this into a search engine when we began to talk about their website, ‘pizza-n-stuff Duncan OK’ that search led me to this page – it was bare with just the name, address and phone number.

As part of my service, I claimed this listing on his behalf and filled it all in. This is one of them win-win kind of things. By claiming your listing and using all of the free services, you are helping increase the value of their directory and gaining powerful free exposure to potential customers.

Free listing generates ordersHis phone order sales increased noticeably within the first couple of weeks. The free tools from Yelp provide daily reports on mobile phone calls generated and the customers calling were now looking at his menu via the new website.

Also check out what Google+ offers you. The tools and skills required are not beyond what it takes to run your email or Facebook account.

Once the power of the internet starts working for you, call me to help build your own website and let all the directories send customers straight to it.


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