Everything I need to know in life, I learned from Bugs Bunny

The following was found during a chat room conversation with a writer who called themself Shoop – It made me laugh well yet it is all so real-life and I thought some of you might enjoy it too. 

Yosemite Sam is the one to look to when you have anger management issues.

Yosemiti Sam 1. When you want to swear but can’t, be like Sam and utter some nonsense instead!!! Sam favors things like “Sassafrassin’ rickin’ hossa frappin'”, but that is just to be used as a guide line. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Steal liberally from movies, song lyrics (scat works well), or babbling babies. Some of my favorite non-explatives include “Mother Puss Buckets !”, “Caca Poopie !”, “Son of a Motherless Goat!”, and the ever popular “POOK !”.

2. Sam also makes it clear that anger gone unchecked = disaster. If you do not control your temper…you, too will suffer the indignaties of having cliffs sawed out from under you and being shot by the wrong end of a cannon. Learn from Sam, people.

Foghorn Leghorn is the one to look to for Alpha-Male issues.

Foghorn Leghorn  1. Observing Foghorn teaches us that just because you rule the roost,   that doesn’t mean that you know anything. As the alpha, of course, you should always act as if you are in complete control at all times. Ignorance can be bliss.

2. Foghorn also makes the mistake of not listening to a child just because he IS a child. And he usually ends up paying for it. Listen to children because sometimes they are smarter than you are. If you fail to do so, you may end up ruffling your own feathers. Or having them burned off…

Daffy Duck teaches us how to, and how not to deal with conflict.

Daffy Duck 1. One of the best lessons we can take from Daffy is his ‘Never Say Die’ attitude. Even when he is clearly losing and there is NO hope of success, Daffy stays in there to the bitter end. True, sometimes he loses all dignity, and true, he often loses his beak in that sad little spinning-around-his-head way…but aren’t we all inspired by his stupidity…I mean, bravery?!?!

2. One of Daffy’s less flattering traits is his enormous jealousy. It is clear that jealousy is an ugly thing and, as typified by Daffy, is often the result of biting off more than you can chew. Daffy constantly challenges his mental and emotional superiors to a fight and is usually left in a small heap of soot as a result. But life is unkind even then. Even in that state, Daffy teaches us, our eyeballs are left intact…left only to blink at the top of a soot pile that once was our life. Left to blink and stare at our own folly…

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2 comments on “Everything I need to know in life, I learned from Bugs Bunny

Grеаt blog! Do you have anу suggestiοns foг аspiring writers?
I’m planning to start my own blog soon but I’m a littlе lost on evеrything.
Woulԁ уou advise starting wіth a fгee platform like WordPress or go fоr a paid option?
There are so mаnу options out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any recommendations? Thank you!

WordPress is a solid platform to build upon and it does not make sense, in my opinion, to pay for something ‘like it’ if you are just starting out. I help clients get established on servers that have several options, ready to install bare-bones including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Basic costs include your domain name, roughly $6.99 per month and as much of your spare time as you care to invest.

~ smart mouseAs for writing advice? Best I ever heard was just do it! Write something everyday and keep at it. My attempts to get re-started here have been hitting the snags caused by 6 years working with professionals, following a strict style book but when no one is looking or nearby with a style book in hand, words can flow for hours.

To be honest, if the article you link to here is one of yours, you certainly do not need my advice. Hope you don’t mind me reposting the graphic.

Thank you for stopping by and Good luck on your endeavors.

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