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I’Assisted living in Duncan OKd like to offer some positive info about Duncan Community Residence (DCR). I know from overheard comments that many people still don’t know what the place is or what goes on here. I’ve even heard some people comment with concern as to what kind of people are there?

Short version: There are 25 people living together as a family. Many would be homeless if not for this non-profit facility that receives some funding from United Way and a great deal of needed support from the community. DCR makes sure they have food, shelter and plenty of opportunity to enjoy their life. A sign for the staff reminds,”This is their home.”

Privacy laws prevent me getting into too much detail about individuals but I think one of them is the Duncan Demon’s greatest fan, or at least in the top ten. Another is into so many different activities within the community it’s like she just uses the to place to hang her hat.

I’m only there 2 nights per week so a little bit sketchy on some details but I do know a van load of residents enjoys eating at The Well on a regular basis. I got to drive once and truly  appreciate all them people taking time out of their evenings to set up such a feast.

I know The Simmons Center provides many feasts and so do random people from the community and church groups. This kind of help is so important. I did the shopping for them a couple of months last year and the money being spent stunned me. Meals are planned under supervision of a dietician and they don’t cut corners.

It’s not rare to find Michelle there after 10 pm getting ahead on paperwork so she can be free to take someone to the doctor next day. Possibly spending 1/2 a day in waiting rooms so that a resident isn’t alone.

It’s not rare for me to come in at 9:30 and learn that Brian is off with a van load of residents to the movies. This gentleman works harder through daylight hours than anyone I ever seen yet makes time to take to treat residents to an outing after work.

The residents tip well with the genuine gratitude they express when we take them somewhere. A Masonic Lodge in Ardmor treated them to dinner one day. I had 20 in the van and being a realist, I expected at least a small snag, some grumbling,”Are we there yet?” We had a great time, no one got hurt and they each stopped to thank me for the ride as they got out.

~ one piec of a puzzleI pretty much stumbled into getting a job there but it is without question the most positive thing to happen for me in my 10 years trying to make this home. This place and the energy of the community helping keep it going is good for Duncan and I’m happy to have a lil part in it.

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