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What's going on in Duncan, OK
Took my sons to the Hershey Park Zoo one day when they were little and caught site of these 2 guys, sitting in the sun on a sill watching the humans go by.

I happened upon a couple of Facebook groups last month that I want my visitors to know about and it nudged me into cleaning the place up a bit, pushed me into spending a few $s on a professional script to show them off proper like.

Remember in Duncan is filled with old stories and Positively Duncan is filled with the more upbeat now stories.

The Facebook Feed feature installed is enough to tease a person into signing into Facebook to see more and I hope it brings them both plenty of visitors.

I also needed to solve a problem with the page on Fuqua Park. I kept getting phone calls from people who thought I owned the place so I tried to clear that up and added contact info/hours of operation for KiddieLand. Search engines bring me more visitors to that page than any other.

Putting it togetherThanks to some help from Laura over at Joe’s Shop N Bag I learned that my site needed to be more mobile friendly, which it is now. I notice that Google has added a note next to my link informing a person that the place is ‘Mobile Friendly’ – every little bit helps.

I welcome feedback and suggestions for places/people in town to highlight and remember, everything here is a working demo of possibilities for any person, business or organization in Duncan. Forget the late night commercials insisting that websites costs $10s of thousands and let me show you what $500 can buy.

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