Christmas Collage

Christmas Collage

Photo from Dreamstime

Being the new guy at our local paper some years back, it was my task to lay out the pages for a special feature at Christmas time. The entire community had sent in family Christmas photos from years past and I got to make them all fit within the ads. It was the most enjoyable task I had during my brief 6 years working there.

I know there were many who looked forward to that feature each year and would like to attempt it online through my EverythingDuncan site.

If you would like to add 1 or 2 of your photos to this feature, you may email them to me at – adding a caption is optional. From baby’s first Christmas to grandpa acting silly with reindeer ears, you’re welcome to share your memories here.









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I work on the internet like a general contractor works in the world of brick and mortar. I draw upon resources and experience gained helping people on line since 1996.
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