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Sometimes I have to restrain myself while listening to an excited person explain how they got a ‘great deal on online advertising’ promising to display their link on a page seen 50,000 times per month.

Once they’ve signed the contract, the money is gone and it’s too late to help them realize they can Target their Advertising and get much more success.

Duncan OKFoods, LLCFor example: I am using images in this post for Duncan OK Foods, LLC in Duncan. He has an online catalog to serve the nation but he also sells Duncan’s Own Four Seasonings locally in Duncan and Marlow.

Mark Sanders of Nature King Pest Management in Dallas, TX

There’s a good feeling to be had when a client calls me after 6-7 years of accepting the keys to their website.

My business model doesn’t tie a person to me. Unless a client asks for ongoing service, I arrange things for a one time fee, build the site and hand them the keys. Monthly fees going forward this way are as low as $7 per month on my smallest server package.

NOTE: There are links to resources below for the self-taught web designers I’ve been finding that will help them continue the great work they’ve begun.

There's more to design than just looks.There are people here in Duncan who have built some impressive website presentations that function well, look good and tell their story quite nicely. They have much to be proud of in my opinion but in most cases, many small details that are needed to be addressed in the background were not covered.

One approach I have used over the years for finding work is to look at local web sites and find one that is missing something or perhaps could be improved upon to draw more visitors from the search engines.


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