~ love how these trees light up

Springtime in Duncan, OK

They all lit up a few weeks early this year.

Spring has slipped in early this year and seeing all these trees come to life while out on my rides is good medicine. Got a shot of energy enough to be up tinkering yet at 1 am while a fresh pot of coffee is brewing.

My online garage sale is bringing in hits from the search engines now so I cleaned it up some more, added new products and a feature for anyone to come post their garage sale event. This is a new script and I am the 2nd person to try it if I understand things right. Hope to shake it down good and give the author a worthy review.

Duncan Community Residence

I’Assisted living in Duncan OKd like to offer some positive info about Duncan Community Residence (DCR). I know from overheard comments that many people still don’t know what the place is or what goes on here. I’ve even heard some people comment with concern as to what kind of people are there?

Short version: There are 25 people living together as a family. Many would be homeless if not for this non-profit facility that receives some funding from United Way and a great deal of needed support from the community. DCR makes sure they have food, shelter and plenty of opportunity to enjoy their life. A sign for the staff reminds,”This is their home.”

Tired of doing Windows? – Ubuntu may be your answer

It’s been more than 6 months since this post and I’ve learned a bit more so an update is needed. Linux Mint 17.3 is a Linux distro which is built upon the foundation described below called Ubuntu.

The coders kept everything that was working well with Ubuntu and, in my opinion, have created the most user friendly for the non-geek Linux distro yet.

The timing is right too as I read the headlines and see this mass assault by Microsoft, forcing people to upgrade.

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Doing some remodeling this month

What's going on in Duncan, OK

Took my sons to the Hershey Park Zoo one day when they were little and caught site of these 2 guys, sitting in the sun on a sill watching the humans go by.

I happened upon a couple of Facebook groups last month that I want my visitors to know about and it nudged me into cleaning the place up a bit, pushed me into spending a few $s on a professional script to show them off proper like.

Remember in Duncan is filled with old stories and Positively Duncan is filled with the more upbeat now stories.