Welcome to Duncan, OK

If your selling energy drinks or hawking pay-day loans, you could do well here in Duncan, OK with a fairly large supply of people willing to swap their future for a little help getting through the week.

If you’re stuck in one of them big cities where it cost $1,500 per month for 300 sq ft of apartment, consider this. There are houses here in livable condition for less than $10K.

I’m starting a total rebuild of this website for Duncan, OK tonight, Friday, November 6, 2020

Everything will seem broken for a few days.

Duncan, OKSo much has changed since I started, the nice little pond at the park is gone so my page on the park needs a rebuild as well.

The creator of the nice video that was here a few months ago has closed their account. The video is gone. It’s a shame if you ask me. They did a great job and now no one can see it.

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