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… come to Duncan, OK for a little peace …

News headlines lately seem contrary to my opinion. A lot of ugly went world-wide. This community website for Duncan, OK is an attempt to help some of the good shine through also. I found friendliness here, compassion and undeniable concern for others from people who don’t have to care. They want to.

Duncan, OK ~ moving forward

~ another gem from ddees.com

Local non-profit groups are welcome to a full profile here. I know that free stuff  scares people here in America so I like to suggest it is a swap, not a handout. Win-Win if you will. They get promotion directly aimed at people interested in the community of Duncan, OK and I get examples of what makes this place great to show off to my visitors.

I found Duncan thanks to a friend met in a chat room long ago. This became my place to come find a little peace on the weekends while working 24/7 on a project in Dallas for several years. I picked this as my new home back when life forced a reboot in 2006 and never regretted the choice.

Local Resources

City Government Duncan Calendar
Wikipedia listing profile: population, maps, real estate
News – Topix Population and Demographics

Note: A link out from my website to any entity should not be interpreted as an endorsement of my services by said entity. Link suggestions to websites showing of the city of Duncan, OK are welcome.

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